Waluigi (born May 20, 1962 age 52) is Wario's younger brother and the other protagonist of the series. Waluigi gets in trouble and people get angry at him a lot because of Wario always puts the blame on him. Waluigi lives in the same house as Wario because Waluigi himself is too poor to afford a house and pay for all the ensurances. Waluigi's current girlfriend is Lady Gaga. His favorite food are potato plants. Back in high school, Waluigi was a victim of being bullied a lot by a lot of people, Waluigi graduated from high school in 1980, the year after Wario graduated. Waluigi has a bad habbit of calling people dimwits especially to Wario. Waluigi is terrible at alot of stuff such as cooking and driving, When Waluigi cooks, he puts stuff that don't go together and he always messes meals up and make them taste terrible like during Thanksgiving dinner in 2012, Waluigi put cologne on the turkey and nail polish on the bones which caused Wario to get angry at him and made Wario have to rinse it out. Waluigi is a terrible driver since everytime he takes the Learner's Permit test, he always fails and on the road, when it comes to traffic lights, Waluigi thinks red means go and green means stop, he crashes into many cars and crosses the yellow line a lot, and he never listens to what the signs say. Waluigi's favorite song is DJ's Got Us Fallin' In Love by Usher.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Waluigi is tall and skinny, Waluigi's physique is the opposite of Wario's since Wario is short and obese. Waluigi is known to be a weakling since he can't lift 5 pounds and he can't break anything or hurt anyone when he punches them.

Personality and TraitsEdit